My name is Ether..

My name is Ether..








My name is Ether –

I’m the void between the Sun and the Moon

I breathe through stars

and i cry for the Earth.

The fire is not enough for my pain,

the ocean can’t wash my tears,

the air is not my friend anymore,

the human is lost.

I pulled him up each time, but he can’t see –

I wish you well!

If you ever come to me,

don’t take the stairs, just rise.

I will hold you in my arms,

You will breathe through my lungs..

The faith in you is the hope in me. And i believe.

Beyond the limits of the shades, my faith is not shaken.

You’re so afraid. I can not be. Where else can i be tomorrow? 🙂

But i keep the stars alive, and you’re just killing everything. Your ways must stop.

There’s a divine ending to your greed.

Just wait and see how everything will turn to dust, just wait and see how it truly feels to bleed.

The love you take you must then give.

You just can’t kill what’s perfect for the perfect taste, you just can’t take a life and then rest

in your cozy homey nest..

Destroy my soul and your place will be forever the noise of your own mortal heartbeat.




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